How we organise our toddler’s clothes so they are accessible

Since we follow Montessori in our home, we like to allow or son to do as many things as he is willing and able to do independently. This includes having a choice in what he wears and getting dressed himself. Before we moved, his closet set up looked like the picture below.

Since moving, not much has changed, however we have changed the basket on the third shelf and no longer have  the hairbrush and tissue on the top shelf. Those have been moved into the bathroom alongside everyone else’s care of self items.

In one of the baskets, neatly folded Kon Mari style, are my son’s 3 pairs of trousers and his two sets of pyjamas. This allows him to see all the choices available and pick out what he wants to wear without having to move any of the other items.

The other basket contains socks, vests and underwear, all folded in a similar manner.

Hung up are the t-shirts (usually one is in the wash and two are available to choose from), cardigans and coat.

We have a small basket on the top shelf now containing his winter items (scarf, mittens and hat). Our son likes to practice putting these on even if we aren’t going outside. Having them accessible allows him to repeat this dressing process over and over.

When I chose my son’s clothes I purposefully made sure everything was suitable for the weather and that everything matched. This means he can chose whatever he likes every single day and it will always be appropriate.

As for shoes, they are all stored in a closet in what we call the “genkan”. That’s the Japanese word for entrance hall. We also have a small chair in the hall for our son to sit on whilst putting on his shoes.

His shoes are located on the bottom shelf of the closet so he can reach them easily.

How do you organise your toddlers clothes? Do you have a capsule wardrobe?

If you need some more detailed information and inspiration, I’d recommend reading the following:


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