Flashback: What I put in my Montessori friendly DIY baby box

So, I ook a long hiatus with the blog. Having a newborn and a toddler is a lot to adjust to and I wanted to be present with them as much as I could. Now my youngest little one is 10 months  old (oh my that has flown!) I’m hoping to write more frequently. I’m going to aim for once per week but I can’t promise.

This is the post I’d planned to write before my son decided to make his way into the world almost two weeks early, which was a funny story in itself:

I was laying next to my eldest as he was tired and wanted to nap. He fell asleep so I rolled over intending to take the opportunity to get some rest too. All of a sudden felt something wet in my knickers. I groaned as I thought perhaps I had wet myself (oh the joys of pregnancy!), so got up and changed. I did the exact same thing 3 times over before I was finally convinced that it was my waters and not pee! I called my hubby, hopped in the shower whilst our son was napping and hubby got back, we made our way to the birth clinic. 

Anyway, back to the post: This post was about the newborn box I made myself. It was a DIY baby box as I wanted to fill it with things I already had as well as some new bits and pieces. This is what I put in it: 



I’d like to add that these photos contain some non vegan friendly products that include wool. We purchased these before transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. 

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