What does our minimalist, Montessori-friendly, family wardrobe look like?

We have a walk in closet in our family bedroom (I will be doing a post on our sleeping arrangements in the near future). We like to have our closet space uncluttered, easy to access and contain a minimal amount of belongings. As you can see, we only have out seasonal clothing that needs to be hung up. These are actually all my husbands belongings. We do have a seperate (much smaller) closet in the study that contains our coats, jackets and suits, my two cardigans and my husbands off season shirts. 

My husband and I have two drawers each. I have shared with you the pictures below of my drawers. Right now my eldest son has his closet that is easily accessible. Please see my previous post here for more details on my son’s closet. 


As you can see here, everything is arranged in my drawer KonMari style. I really recommend her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. This is all that I own for myself. They are arranged so that I can see everything and I dont have to pick anything up to reach something else.

Here you can see what is inside the box, also folded KonMari style. Those are all the newborn clothes my youngest son owns. Once he has grown out of them I will be saving a very small amount for future grandchildren (they will be put in storage). The rest will be donated or sold to make room for new clothes. We will mostly be buying new clothes as my eldest needs them and then my youngest will also get to wear those clothes when he gets to that size. Each season I might buy my youngest one or two outfits of his own. 

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